The Role of Spas for Homeless Women

There is no shortage of homeless women and unfortunately, many of them go unnoticed. For them, in most cases, the last thing on their minds is getting their hair done, or having a facial, or getting their nails done. Most often what is on their mind is the circumstances that have led them to where there are now. But could a beauty treatment of some sort do anything positive for them?

A Beauty Approach

There are some women who can say “been there done that” meaning that they too were once homeless and know what it is like. For one woman she can relate to this first hand. What led her to the streets was her addiction to meth. What has brought her out of this is her determination to want more from life and to feel and look better. That is where the topic of beauty comes into play.

Creating Recognition

This one individual who is winning the battle over her addiction has put a focus on how she looks. Her experience of getting her hair done, and enjoying some beauty treatments have gone a long way in making her feel human once again, and someone who matters. She wants to pay this forward. In the planning stages of arranging a spa day for homeless women has become her mandate.

What will be the Outcome?

It many cases it can only be a positive one. First, for a group of beauticians to donate their time to providing these services sends a very strong message. It is a message of caring. Then the end results of these treatments will surely go a long way with many that receive them. It may be just enough to give them the encouragement and incentive they need to seek out some help to make changes in their life. If one meth addict can do this then why can’t others?