Regulations for Cosmetics in Canada

Cosmetics make up a huge part of the beauty industry. Which means that there has to be some sort of regulations to govern it.

Food and Drugs Act

It may seem strange that cosmetics would also become subject to the rules of the food and drugs act in Canada. It is because cosmetics can have a bearing on health. Anything that could pose some type of health risk is of interest to this government establishment. Several of the rules under this act are applicable to the cosmetic regulations.

Cosmetic Regulations

This is another collection of rules that specifically pertain to the cosmetic industry to help keep it regulated. Anyone that has any business dealings in the cosmetic industry should be familiar with these rules.

Included in these rules are stringent regulations that pertain to the preservation of the cosmetics in regards to shelf life.

Also, the methods in which they are packed and stored. All of this pertains to the importance of sanitary conditions for each of the phases that cosmetics go through as they are brought to market.

Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act

This is another set of rules that the cosmetic industry is subjected to. There are rules that dictate the types of packaging that can be used. Also, as to what must be present on the labels of cosmetics.

Canadian Environmental Protection Act

This is not a set of regulations that may apply to all cosmetics. It will come into play depending on what chemicals are used in the manufacturing of some cosmetics.

There is a lot of rules and regulations that pertain to the cosmetic industry which indirectly affects other categories of business within the beauty industry. They are in place for the protection of consumers as well as those who are in the beauty business. Without them the beauty industry would not be what it is today.