Day Spa Salons and Weekend Spa Salons

Spas are a great way to treat yourself to a little me time and relaxation. There will be a lot to learn about them. For those living in or visiting Montreal, one will soon discover that there are many spas to choose from, or try all of them! They also fall into different categories.

Day Spas

If you are used to beauty salons then you will have a little knowledge of what to expect. But the day spas really step it up a notch. The experience of a beauty salon is taken to far greater heights. There are multiple services that are offered and the focus is on each individual client. It is all about being pampered. The time spent at these establishments is no less than an hour and most often includes several hours or as the name implies an entire day.

Weekend Spas

There are different categories of weekend spas in Montreal. There are;

  • Beauty Spas
  • Relaxation Spas
  • Wellness Spas
  • Medical Spas

The beauty spas will make sure they have a full roster of beauty treatments. These range from facials to manicures and pedicures. In between each service, there is individual pampering with delectable meals and snacks.

The relaxation spas put their focus on activities that are relaxation orientated. Such as a variety of massages and programs like yoga or meditation. All with the focus on pampering the client and stress reduction.

Wellness spas are a combination of everything. Their concept is to focus on the mind body and soul. Their services focus on beauty services for the body, relaxation for the body and meditation for the soul.

While they all have similarities they each provide a unique experience. It is a wonderful experience to try each one of the categories to see which one rates a second visit. It is also important to make sure you plan well for your spa visit.