Best Places to Relax in Montreal

Montreal is a busy metropolitan city and those who work and live here are usually always on the go. But, at the same time, there are many ways to relax in this beautiful city as well.

Spa on The Water

The name is a good indicator as to what this relaxation venue is all about. There is just something about water that automatically puts a person into the relaxation mode. Here at this spa, once you step onto the boat you are going to immediately sense the level of calm that you’ve been looking for. Don’t worry about getting seasick because you won’t be leaving the shore as the board stays anchored in Port’s Quays. The spa is comprised of the multi-levels of the boat and each deck is reserved for some very special relaxation treatments.

Le Sainte-Elisabeth

This relaxation venue may not look like much from the outside but inside it is a robust pub that offers relaxation in another way. The atmosphere, especially in the covered terrace, just lets you forget about everything except where you are. It truly fits the cliché that a change is as good as a rest.

Pikolo Espresso Bar

There are those that don’t necessarily have the time to spend several hours at a spa. Nor is the pub scene something they consider as a good change of pace for. What may be more to their liking is a coffee break that is extra special.

This coffee shop is in the downtown core of Montreal but once you step through the doors then you can forget about everything else for a bit while you enjoy the warm ambiance and relaxing atmosphere. Not to mention the great selection of coffees.

These are just three great examples of many of different ways to relax when in Montreal. They are diversified as everyone has their own preferences as to how they want to relax.