Beauty Throughout the Ages

At one-time beauty salons were considered the same as hair salons. During the early years of hair salons, they would do a few extra beauty services like manicures and eyebrow waxing. But today, the hair salons and beauty salons are considered to be two separate service establishments.

Beauty in the Past

If one wants to know what beauty services were like in the past, this can be seen in photos that were taken of female family members in the late sixties and early seventies. One of the tell-tale signs is the retro hairdos that took the spotlight. These same women of today fondly look back at these, and wonder how they ever managed to create some of these styles that took countless hours of using rollers and sitting under hot hair dryers, and making tons of teasing.

Beauty in the Present

Not only has technology changed the style of hairdos, it has brought forth a ton of new types of equipment that makes hair styling and other beauty procedures much faster, with a lot less damage done to the hair and skin. The chances of trying to reproduce the hairdos of past eras now, with different tools on the market would create quite a challenge.

Beauty in the Future

It is most intriguing to think about what is going to happen with the equipment of today, and what it is going to be replaced with. Will there be a spray that will create the same effects of a curling iron? Or, will there be a cap that can be put on that will instantly change the colour of people’s hair? All of this remains to be seen. No doubt there will be those who look back in time and compare the old methods to the equipment of today, and wonder how we ever managed with it.