Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome

Mostly anyone that is going to visit a beauty parlor doesn’t give much thought as to how safe these establishments are. At least not when it comes to the services being provided. But, there may be some reason for concern.

What is Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome?

There seems to be what has been dubbed as abeauty parlor stroke syndrome which creates symptoms of a stroke following a few days after an individual has had a service done at a beauty parlor. The service is one where the neck is extended. For example, at beauty parlors where hair services are done. One part of the hair care services may be the washing of the client’s hair. When this is done the neck is extended according to the shape of the shampoo sink.

One may think that this would be something that perhaps happened with older people but the research has shown that it happens more often in younger people.

How Serious of a Risk?

The first inclination when hearing news like this is maybe people should avoid having their hair washed this way. But, it has been determined that this is not just restricted to the beauty salon environment. It can also happen when someone stretches or even when they sneeze. So it is not something that should just be attributed to the salon setting. If it were, then it would certainly change the way that the hair processing procedure took place in these establishments. Also, it is not a common occurrence no matter in which situation it happens otherwise there would be a lot more awareness about it.

It is just an example that people, in general, are subjected to risks during their life that they are really not aware of. If one were to worry about each one of the potential mishaps that could take place then many more people would become hermits.